If possible, try not to add holes other than those already available. This is to avoid having a belt with a long, dangling tip. The goal is to shorten the belt by cutting it off the buckle. Put on the belt at the third hole, the middle one.

Here are ten super easy steps to shorten your belt:

  1. Wear the belt by inserting it between the loops of the jeans or trousers.
  2. At this point, stretch the belt to the desired point and mark where the barb will go using a pen or pencil.
  3. Remove the belt, take a flat-tipped screwdriver and unscrew the screw that holds the buckle in place.
  4. Take a centimeter from a seamstress and measure the distance between this mark and the hole to which you normally attach the belt (the third from the tip of the belt).
  5. Starting from the side from which you removed the buckle, measure, again using the dressmaker's centimeter, measure the same distance as you estimated in the previous points and cut the excess piece of belt, but don't throw it away! Because you will need it to replicate the hole to which the buckle will have to be attached again on the belt.
  6. Align the end of the excess piece of belt to the end of the remaining belt and in correspondence with the old hole, make a mark on the belt.
  7. With a die or a pair of scissors, recreate the hole for the buckle at the point just marked.
  8. Taking care to respect the correct direction of the loops and the buckle, put them back on the belt.
  9. Take the flathead screwdriver and screw in the screw. To prevent the screw from turning on itself, hold the head below it with a finger.
  10. At this point the belt is shortened!

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