Regular maintenance and cleaning of your leather belt will help preserve it from the effects of time and keep it in good condition.

For daily cleaning, a soft, dry cloth is sufficient to remove dust or surface dirt. For a deeper cleaning you can use a soft cloth dampened with warm water: gently clean the belt focusing on the dirtiest areas.

If there are stains, you can add a small amount of mild detergent or better yet a saddle soap or a specific detergent for the skin. Gently rub the belt with a soft cloth moistened with warm water to remove surface dirt, add a small amount of detergent and scrub again, finally, remove the detergent with a clean, damp cloth.

Be careful as this could damage the belt, we do not recommend using detergents on particularly expensive belts. If you use a specific product for cleaning leather fabrics, read the instructions carefully.

Finally, let the belt dry overnight to allow the belt to absorb the polish or detergent used and prevent it from coming into contact with your clothes and damaging them.

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